NYC Parts 3 & 4

Hello again all and sorry for the delay in posting. We recently have been busy with some travels – stay tuned for a future post about our trip to Seattle! Today’s post will be about days 3 and 4 of our summer trip to NYC last year. If you missed the post about Days 1 and 2, they can be found here and here.

Day 3

Day 3 of our trip to New York was the day we did the most walking. I have never walked so much in my life as I did that day! We started off the day by taking the subway from our hotel down to Downtown to see the 9/11 memorial and the new World Trade Center building.

World Trade Center

The 9/11 memorial is a must-see if you visit New York in any season. Outside of the memorial where the two buildings used to stand are two large fountains with the names of the victims inscribed on the outside. Every now and then you’ll see a flower on one of the names – that means today would be that individual’s birthday. Inside the memorial is a collection of items from the day. It was a very somber experience, but one I highly recommend to everyone visiting New York.

9/11 Memorial

From the 9/11 Memorial, we walked down to Battery Park, which is at the very tip of Manhattan Island. From there, you can see the Statue of Liberty out in the distance. Battery Park was full of street food vendors and was a nice place to sit and eat before heading out again. In Battery Park, you can buy a ticket for the boat that goes out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We chose to go to Ellis Island, as the boat goes right by the Statue of Liberty and we could see it from there. You can actually buy a ticket that allows you to stop at both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island if you leave before a certain time, but it would be an almost day-long event to do both.

Word of warning – the boat ride is definitely not fun. The boat is packed with people, there aren’t a lot of seats so most people are standing, and it’s very rocky. I was feeling pretty sea sick the whole time.

Statue of Liberty

The next stop was Ellis Island. There is a museum set up in the building where immigrants used to be processed. Each room is set up as it would have been for an immigrant coming to America for the first time. It was very interesting to see – however, my favorite part of Ellis Island was actually outside of the museum where you can see sweeping views of Manhattan. I was very lucky that it was a beautiful day when we were there.

View of Manhattan from Ellis Island

When you are planning your trip, remember to account for the extremely long lines waiting to board to boat to leave Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It took a little longer than I had planned for us to wait for a boat and get back to shore.

After another nauseating boat ride to shore,  we decided to walk to Brooklyn Bridge. And there’s where things got dicey. We had been using our phone GPS to walk everywhere around the island, and thus far it had been working like a charm. We told the GPS we wanted to go to the Brooklyn Bridge, and off we went. It was a bit of a hike but not too far, so we walked it. And once we got to where the GPS had led us, we realized our mistake – the GPS had taken us to the bridge itself, NOT the on-ramp to get onto the bridge. The ramp to get on the bridge was actually several, several blocks north. After quite a bit of wasted time walking and walking and walking, we came across a friendly police officer who showed us how to get up onto the bridge. Hence why Day 3 was full of walking for us 🙂

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is really cool, but a lot longer than I expected. Or maybe it just seemed long since we had just walked over half the island trying to find it haha 😛 But the long walk was worth the awesome views. We walked all the way across and into Brooklyn, where we decided to eat dinner. Brooklyn was absolutely adorable! I didn’t get any photos because it was dark out, but the street where we ate dinner was full of cute row houses that had been converted into shops and restaurants, and the whole area felt very quaint. I very much enjoyed it.

After dinner it was quite late and we were absolutely worn out, so we hopped on the subway (thank goodness for no more walking!) and headed back to our hotel for the night.

Day 4 

Day 4 was our last day in New York City during this trip. The first place we decided to go was out to Chelsea, on the west side of the island. We stopped at the High Line, which is an old elevated rail line converted into a park. All along the walkway are various pieces of art as well as views of the city. It was a really cool experience and I recommend it.

The High Line

We got off the High Line at the end near Chelsea Meat Market, which is a building full of different food and sales vendors. Honestly every single food vendor inside looked awesome, and I wish could have gone back every day for a week to try several of them.

From there, we took the subway down to Washington Square Park to see the arch there. One theme you may have picked up on is that I really love parks – big parks, small parks, National Parks, city parks – and I will visit them everywhere I go. One of my favorite things about NYC is the amount of parks, even just small ones, thrown into the middle of the big city. It’s really cool.

Washington Square Park

After that, we went around the city to try to see as many places as we could before we had to leave. We went to China Town, Little Italy, SoHo, and then ended up at 5th Avenue at the Rockefeller Center. It was really cool to walk to all those places and get a feel for the city without feeling so much like a tourist just going from tourist spot to tourist spot. I do recommend walking around the city and taking it all in, because the whole place is really worth seeing.

Little Italy
Cannoli and Cappuccino in Little Italy
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we finished out our trip to New York by heading back to Central Park. It was the perfect way to round out our trip, and we can’t wait to go back!

Central Park

  • Ease of access: It’s NYC so… really easy. I think every airline from every airport in the world flies there daily
  • Price – Kind of expensive depending on what you do. Since we’re coming from Texas, the flights and hotels are actually not cheap at all, and then most of the attractions that tourists are going to want to see cost money.
  • Clothes: Walking shoes, walking shoes, walking shoes! Also, depending on the season, it might actually be hot! We were there in September, and the last day we were there it was in the 90s!
  • Crowds: Hella. Honestly it’s NYC, so expect millions of people to always be around you.
  • Recommend: Yes! In fact, why are you not already there!?! 😛



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